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Logistics / Supply Chain Management

Assured supply through customized logistics and inventory management programs

A key value-add is our Warehouse Operations in Quakertown, PA.

 Logistics / Supply Chain Management features:

  • Customized delivery and distribution programs

  • Offshore pre-shipment inspections and quality testing
    conducted by Mazza 360° Integrated Quality Management Group


  • Warehouses and inventory management system (IMS) insuring orders are shipped complete within 24 hours

  • Incoming inspection and testing protocols per ISO 13485/FDA and ASTM Standards

  • Formalized risk management and contingency plans with our manufacturing partners to ensure an uninterrupted supply

  • Managing all FDA and customs regulatory filings

  • Customized safety stock programs; 99+% fill rate consistently achieved – “Chasing Zero” backorders/stock outs, late deliveries and non-conforming goods

Targeted metrics to ensure customer satisfaction:

  • Continuous Improvement philosophy with frequent QMS management reviews

  • Vendor Scorecards tracking product quality and performance parameters

  • Partners in Chasing Zero 

    • product quality

    • on-time delivery

    • quantity reliability

    • order processing efficiency


In the end, a complete turn-key solution is provided from our door to yours!

MHC Warehouse Operations – Quakertown, PA