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Dedicated to Customers... Committed to Patient Safety

Headquartered in Bannockburn, IL, Mazza Healthcare (MH) is a healthcare products and services company that advances the cost-effectiveness and quality of health care products while being committed to Patient Safety and Wellness.

Offering integrated solutions through well-established and diversified strategic global sourcing capabilities, world-class logistics, exacting quality standards, and industry knowledge.


Specializing in designing, manufacturing, warehousing and delivering a broad range of products to the world's leading medical supply companies – from disposable medical supplies to more complex specialized procedure-based delivery systems comprised of sterile or non-sterile products.

The executive management team has a proven track record of innovative, value-driven models, turnkey solutions, and products for prominent healthcare companies. Leveraging over 75-years of healthcare expertise and global relationships, you are consistently offered a comprehensive line of quality products, at the most competitive price. That’s the commitment that drives the overarching value.

Strategic Global Sourcing expertise offers committed longstanding relationships with manufacturing partners located throughout the world. A proven track record of world-class logistics and supply chain management capabilities supports your business.

Kit Packers are assured Medical Procedure Kit Components that are manufactured to the exact customer standards. MH Specializes in working with healthcare companies on the design and development of innovative new products that meet demanding specifications for the customer’s sophisticated needs.

Customer confidence is heightened through the ISO 13485-certified quality processes. Quality standards are met through advanced, scalable regulatory and operational capabilities and based upon a strong customer-centric foundation.

MH remains committed to the following standards of excellence:

  • Committed to world-class service

  • Unsurpassed quality

  • Cost-effective solutions

  • Environmental stewardship

  • Overwhelming commitment to patient’s safety and wellness