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Medical Supply Distributors

Mazza Healthcare is well positioned to partner with the medical supply distributors who are the driving force in the physician, hospital, nursing home, home health, EMS, industrial and many other markets. 

We fuel the driving force by identifying and partnering with the best manufacturers — all things considered — to insure the possible best fit.

Our unique capabilities in global sourcing of medical devices for healthcare providers and distributors allows us to create a customized program according to your exacting standards and detailed product specifications.

In doing so, MHC provides distributors with optimized sourcing of medical devices and customized supplier auditing for quality manufacturing conforming to ISO 13485 compliance with all FDA regulations.

We offer a comprehensive line of healthcare products which span over 25 categories and 220 products. We are continually expanding at the request of our customers.

In response to a need for providing the best in auscultation technology, we are also proud to offer you the complete line of 3M™ Littmann stethoscopes.

MHC is diligent and committed to building value through our customer-centric style of business:

  • Trust in our reputation for “Best Product, Best Price, Best Country” to meet Distributor needs.

  • Coordinated systems that maximum economic benefits and insure patient/staff safety.

  • Continuous improvement of quality processes and communication.

Mazza Healthcare is a global solution for our distributor partners.

To learn more about how Mazza Healthcare is the right partner for your company, please contact us today.

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