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Kit Packers & Medical Procedure Kit Components

Mazza Healthcare is the market leader for the distribution of glass kit syringes used in spinal applications in the USA.

Excelling at identifying and qualifying products specifically tailored to the patient-based elviery system market. Our sourcing expertise and seamless supply chain management strategy will support your cost-saving objectives, improving your overall working capital, and most importantly, ensuring patient safety.

MHC has a comprehensive offering of kit components from simple amenity products to more complex surgical procedure kit components.

Products offered:

Mazza Healthcare’s inspection protocol covers every aspect of our manufacturing and distribution process: (pre- and in-process process) random sampling, and pre-shipment inspections to ensure compliance with our product specifications and industry requirements. Our audit process will monitor the integrity of the supply chain and ensure that the systems, management, and operating procedures meet our customer’s standards. We will adopt the necessary testing requirements to ensure products conform with your specifications.

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