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Products that Provide the Outcomes...

It's all about favorable patient outcomes. And the best assurance at great outcomes, 

is to incorporate the Mazza 360° Integrated Quality Management System benchmarks into the products from initial design – all the way through to delivery. This ensures the highest consistent standards of excellence, reliability, and efficiency to facilities, staff and patients.



Glass LOR and additive syringes are manufactured to the highest quality and most stringent standards.  Available in both kit and interchangeable styles.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram


Offering a comprehensive line of clinically accurate diagnostic products that can be used for the acute care, physician's office, long-term care, and home health markets.


NRFit™ Syringes

NRFit syringes are designed to improve patient safety and to help reduce the risk of misconnections. NRFit syringes are compliant with ISO 80369-6 standard.


Exam Gloves

Vinyl, latex, and nitrile gloves with superior tensile strength providing unsurpassed comfort and safety.  Available features: low-dermatitis, chemo rating, & fentanyl protection.

Procedure Kits.png

Procedure Kits

A wide range of procedure kit components, which may be tailored to your specifications and exacting standards.


Operating Room

A full line of top quality sterile and non-sterile products designed for exam and operating rooms.



Infection control from head to toe. Apparel for patients and staff ranging from bouffant caps to protective gowns to shoe covers.



Lightweight, yet durable, mobility products have been developed with patient safety in mind.


Patient Care

Sterile and non-sterile exam room products used to support the care continuum.

Hot cold.png

Hot/Cold Therapy

Specially designed to provide instant therapy for swollen joints, sports injuries, muscle aches, etc. easing pain and reducing inflammation.



Self-Adherent and elastic bandages available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Adult Washcloths.png

Personal Care

A wide range of products to fulfill the patients’ personal needs from hair care to body lotions, wipes to personal belonging bags. 

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